Masaki Akiyama

Currently Senior UX Designer at

I specialize in designing work flows based on personas and use
cases using user experience research and data. I begin by conducting interviews via workshop settings, develop wireframes and bring
them to life with visually designed UI screens and animated micro-interaction prototypes. I develop the personas and document use cases and pain points, create affinity diagrams, and synthesize the results for feedback. I finalize with a motion prototype showing a refined designs with the interaction design behavior.

I love clean, stylish, and minimalist aesthetics, with marks of color and indications of unexpected chaos and absurdity.

This portfolio is a way for me to demonstrate my own design
skills and vision, without any constraints that projects sponsored by stakeholders would have. It shows the universe in its purest form what my vision on what good aesthetics is. I hope this  will showcase my knowledge and passion on design theory and design craft including color palettes, typography, layout, and user experience . 

I like to take photographs with my fullframe slr, skratch records & DJ with my Technics 1200, travel, study languages, reflect on the cosmos, explore restaurants, and listen to music like Beethoven's 7th Symphony and Wu Tang's 36 Chambers.

I designed and developed this site using sound HTML & CSS.